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SO FAR... How I found my freedom

My name is Mirko, I was born in Como in Italy, in October I will be 29 years old and with the approach of the dreaded 30 I finally began to understand who I am.

I think that each of us is born to have a special life, the one that makes you smile, that makes you feel unique. It's up to us to understand what it is and to undertake it, to have the courage to leave a wrong life.

My journey began 7 years ago and I was not yet aware of it.

This is the story of how I found my freedom.

May 2016, I was 21 years old and attending my first year of International Relations at the University of Milan. A course of study undertaken to escape from a job in typography that over time I had come to hate. With commitment and dedication I finished the year, the only exam I had not passed was that of English, this lit an alarm bell in me. I absolutely had to learn it, it became my goal and combined with my dream of traveling I took advantage of the summer break to spend a few months abroad.

The destination I chose, as for many of my age at that time, was London.

I wasted no time, I found a job on the first day in a Mexican restaurant and it remained my job for the whole period I spent there.

Every day I had available I went exploring, I had made a list with places to visit. The beauty of those landscapes made me dream, immortalizing concretely and not only in my memory those moments had become fundamental for me and so I started shooting.

At my disposal I only had the phone, the quality was not the best but I was starting to create something, in my mind it was very clear what I wanted to capture and seeing it take shape amused me. Seeing the world through a lens made everything different, I looked more carefully at the details, the shades, the colors and created my point of view.

After a while I decided to buy my first camera, an Olympus e410, I found it in a second-hand shop in Camden Town, it was a fairly old SLR, I paid little, around £ 150.

Thanks to my father's passion and youthful experiences I had learned the basics of composition and during high school, while studying advertising graphics, I attended some short courses. It was time to deepen my knowledge so I began to inform myself, to study and of course to shoot.

At the end of 2016 I returned from London and left university, I realized that this was not my path, my next goal was Australia.

For about 8 months I stayed in Como, I worked as a waiter, in my free time I tried to visit as much as possible the areas near my city and I practiced my new passion. I changed cameras and bought a nikon d5200, also used but more suitable and modern.

Thanks to photography I saw my country in a different light, Italy is an enchanting place and I had never noticed it.

In July 2017 I left home again, spent a short period in Brighton, England, I had the opportunity to visit the city, I worked in a small Italian restaurant near the sea, I saved some money thanks to the abundant English tips and left in October, towards the land of the Kangaroos.

Australia is a spectacular country to say the least, I saw breathtaking landscapes and met people from all over the world, I toured the whole southern part of this giant island, including Tasmania, I worked on farms, I drove for weeks during a Road Trip where I crossed the Australian desert and opened for the first time a personal online portfolio.

I wanted to group all the photos I had taken during the trip, tell it through images to everyone. I wanted to show how interesting the world was and how much you can discover and learn by traveling.

It was the first version of this site.

Back in Italy, after almost 1 year, I resumed working as a waiter, for the six winter months my home was Como, during the summer I lived in Formentera, Spain. I led this life for the next 5 years.

In this long period of my life the work that in one way or another has supported me since I was 16 years old was absorbing me completely.

My love for photography took a different turn, it had simply become a hobby it was no longer a part of me, sometimes I managed to make some money working as a photographer in nightclubs or doing some private shooting and this also allowed me to change cameras with a Nikon d7500 that still accompanies me, But I had set aside the passion.

I was convinced that I had found a good compromise, I kept shooting and every six months I moved house, never feeling stuck in the same place. The fun was not lacking and the paradisiacal views that those two countries offered me filled my eyes.

This life made me happy and carefree for a while.

In the last 3 years, I had staked everything on restaurants, even my photos prove it, I was making a career, I had become an important reference point in both places, in Italy and Spain, I had the opportunity to create something of my own but there was a question that tormented me, what do you want to do when you grow up?

The LARIO'S group, which has been my second family for all these years, will forever remain a fundamental part of my journey but I was at a point in my life where I was not ready to stop, I did not feel free to choose and enjoy my way. My heart was trying to warn me.

I didn't feel free to choose and enjoy my way.

I found the answers by talking to myself, observing my past without judging it, asking myself what kind of person I wanted to be and I realized that I had to destroy those chains, pick up where I left off, I decided to start traveling again.

I warned everyone of my imminent change of life and I finished my last season in Formentera in October 2022, I said goodbye to that island as much loved as hated.

I had to celebrate this newfound serenity so together with my brother and his girlfriend, who had worked with me for those summer months, we loaded our backpacks into the car and off to Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam I felt different I didn't feel judged and the freedom of that city calmed me, I felt I had made the right choice, I had to leave everything behind and breathe.

In February 2023 everything was finally ready, I was ready. As a first stop I chose Thailand.

The Thai landscapes, people and culture had fascinated me for a long time and it was the perfect place to start over.

I spent 3 weeks in that amazing land, thanks to WEROAD I found exceptional people with whom to share this experience, I visited places beyond all my expectations, which I immortalized with my photos and I discovered a new way of thinking and enjoying life.

Now I'm in Calgary, Canada, living here since March 2023 working in a coffee shop and I'm organizing my next step. I want to make my passion my job, discover and help the world.

I am walking my way with a different awareness, I think about tomorrow and I enjoy what everyday life gives me. My goal may change but the small moments will never come back, I'm learning to live HERE and NOW.

I realized who I want to be when I grow up and in the meantime I'm enjoying the trip.

I found my FREEDOM.


Everything will be fine!


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