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CANADA - Calgary and its COLORS.

I lived for 6 months in Calgary, Canada, and started writing during the very course of my stay.

I arrived full of ideas and plans, but confusion about what I wanted was still strong. Writing helped me to be more aware of what I was experiencing, and made me realize how this city had accompanied me through the change.

The Calm of Calgary helped me eliminate the impatience of wanting to do everything right away.

It showed me a picture in BLACK AND WHITE where I slowly add COLORS.

MARCH, it's still cold, the city is empty and everything is still very WHITE.

Thanks to my friend Dimitri, I got a job after only a week, at "Cherry Pit", a company that produces and sells fruits and vegetables inside the -Calgary Farmer Market-, an indoor market with several local retailers.

After a few weeks, I was hired as a barista by "Alforno", a coffee shop belonging to the -Teatro Group Restaurant-, a company with several restaurants and cafeterias in the city center.

It became my main employment, but I still continued to work at the market.

In my free time, especially in the evening, I enjoyed walking through the streets of an almost "ghost" city.

The lights filled everything with a soft ORANGE while the shadows were cooled by BLUE.

My company? White rabbits, cheerful and undisturbed....

APRIL, the days are a surprise, some are accompanied by pleasant sunshine that warms the skin, in others snow still whitens the roofs of the city.

This month gave me a dream: to see the Aurora Borealis!

I was in a park near my home, the city light was far away, when I looked up above me a long GREEN tail lit up the sky.

Goosebumps didn't make me wait and immediately a smile filled my face, I really saw it.

MAY, the temperatures have started to rise, the snow has melted, and being outdoors is much more pleasant.

I was looking for a way to get around the city without taking transportation and I think, "what better way than a bicycle?"

In Calgary, bike paths almost entirely cover both the central part and the suburbs giving anyone a way to reach every corner of the city by cycling. I decided and bought from a guy I found on facebook a used bicycle: my trusty "CREAMY."

Skirting the river that bisects the city, the "Bow," the clear LIGHT BLUE of water and sky colors the buildings giving spectacular views.

I spent the whole month pedaling, observing and relaxing on its banks.

This month was also a spectator to the wildfires that hit the northern parts of the Alberta region.

Despite the fact that they were raging more than 1,000 km away, the smoke reached as far as here making the city RED.

JUNE, the first festivals began.

Since my arrival, I have been looking for what could make this city special, and I have found my answer right now.

The LILAC Festival opens the season that fills the summer days with events of all COLORS: the Native American PowPow, the Pride ,the Latin American Festival, the Calgary Asian Festival, etc...

I felt welcomed by everyone as if I were "the neighbor you've known all your life," without any prejudice and with great curiosity.

In Calgary it doesn't matter who you are, what you believe in or what "color" you are because there is room for everyone, no one excluded.


JULY, the Cowboys, those of every hue, have arrived.

For 10 days a year, the city's outfit is just one: hat, boots, shirt and Bolo Tai.

The city stops and the Calgary Stampede begins. (read more)


AUGUST, it's hot and calm again, fires have not stopped and smoky days are becoming more frequent.

I was looking for the best mode of transportation to use for my upcoming trip to Asia, and this smoke got me thinking a lot about what is right for our planet.

An old answer came back to me, "what better way than a bicycle?"

The idea was to use the two months I had left to spend in Canada to train and arrive ready for this adventure.

My Creamy was a bit shabby and not at all suitable for the trip I was planning so I decided to upgrade and buy a gravel bike: the red "GINGER".

In 25 days I rode 1276 km visiting all the small towns surrounding Calgary.

Leaving the city, nature takes over the territory giving spectacular and immense views where man is still just a decoration, in the midst of YELLOW and GREEN.

SEPTEMBER, temperatures began to drop and my plans changed.

My body decided to take the rest I had not intended to give it.

I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve inflammation. The recovery turned out to be longer than expected.

I decided to accept what I cannot control with a smile and that is what I will do.

I had to delay my trip but I will use the opportunity to return to Italy and spend time with my family.

My painting of Calgary is finally finished.

I let the colors come to me without looking for them and was able to enjoy every moment.

This city has changed me and I am grateful for that.

Thank you Calgary

Thank you Canada


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